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Identify The Patient

The objective of Ontario’s Health Links is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care for the people with the highest needs.


Is my client or patient appropriate for the Health Link?


The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has determined the following criteria for Health Link patients:


Patients with 4 or more chronic or high cost conditions


These conditions can include:


  • Serious medical conditions (e.g CHF; COPD; Diabetes, etc. etc.)
  • Mental health and addictions
  • Frail elderly or palliative
  • Economic issues (low income, unemployment, fixed income etc.)
  • Issues related to the social determinants of health (housing, living alone, immigration, community and social isolation etc.)


What should I do if I am not sure?


Our Health Link Coordinator would be happy to review the patient with you:  Email healthlink@gbfht.ca or call 705-444-5885 and ask for the Health Link Coordinator


But as a general rule, if this is someone you are concerned about, who appears to need more help, make the referral anyway.


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