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Initial Interview & Consent

Assigning a Navigator


On receipt of a referral, the Health Link Coordinator (HLC) will upload the patient’s medical record onto the SGBC Provider Portal and will review the referral information and medical record to determine the appropriate Navigator from the “most responsible provider”.


Navigator Assigned FromFor
NSM CCACPatients currently receiving CCAC services
GBFHTFHT Patient, minimal/no CCAC services
SGB CHCCHC Client, minimal/no CCAC services
Breaking Down BarriersClients with disabilities, minimal/no CCAC services
Hospice Georgian TrianglePalliative patients


From this point on, the Navigator will drive the Health Link process on behalf of the patient. A step-by-step guide to the Health Link process is contained in the Collaborative Care Checklist


Initial Interview and Consent


The Navigator will contact the patient to arrange the Initial Patient Interview. Ideally this will take place in the patient’s home, and will be attended by the patient, family and caregiver. Where possible, the Primary Care Provider should be invited to attend for at least part of the interview.


The Navigator will facilitate the interview. The key objectives of the meeting are:


  • Ensure the patient and family understand the Health Link process and how it can benefit them.
  • Ensure the patient understands the sharing of their information for the Health Link, and obtain signed consent.
  • Through a conversation, obtain answers to the question in the Patient Interview form
  • Begin to complete the patient’s Coordinated Care Plan


Supporting Materials:


Consent Form 

Consent Script – Coming Soon!

Patient Interview Questions

Coordinated Care Plan


Once the interview has been completed, the Navigator will note the completion of the Interview on the patient’s record in the SGBC Provider Portal, and will attach the completed Interview Questions and signed Consent Form to the note.


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