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Hypertension Clinic

Do you wonder what blood pressure is and why it matters?


Our Registered Nurse responsible for the Hypertension Program can provide you with:

  • Education or information about blood pressure and hypertension
  • A review of lifestyle changes to achieve healthy blood pressure or hypertension control
  • Ongoing blood pressure monitoring
  • Help in reducing your blood pressure, along with the help of your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner


24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor


The 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor allows us to track your blood pressure as you move around, living your everyday life.


Why might your doctor want you to wear the 24-hour monitor?


  • To help in the diagnosis of Hypertension by tracking your Blood Pressure throughout the day and night
  • To see if there is a difference between your blood pressure readings in the clinic and away from the clinic
  • To see how well your medicines are working, to make sure they are controlling your blood pressure through the day